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Male masturbation at its best, with dirty talk and wet jerk off sounds.


(Anyone know the source to this? Can’t find it.)

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I went on omegle and had a lil chat with a random stranger, made me so wet I just couldn’t help myself.

plug in your headphones and listen to me, I double dare you. 


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[x] 3:26  |  Sound effects of a wet pussy being fucked.  Soft talking and moaning.

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Double Pleasure


Masturbation Moans
Occasionally, some people request that I record a straightforward masturbation - no talking, no narrative, just breathing, moaning and jerking.  Well, here’s several minutes of just that. Plus some lubrication, of course ;) Download this, along with 39 other audios, here.

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gave my neighbor a big hard present for her birthday ;)

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